Are you an Apple iPhone user? Do you know the full power of your iPhone? Most Apple device users don’t realize how crazy powerful their iPhones are. With a device as powerful as the iPhone, and an operating system as complex as iOS, there are plenty of brilliant features that most people never know about.

There are lots of things that you can do with your iPhone. But, here, we have picked some of the most awesome iPhone features that can make your iPhone experience better than you ever dreamed. These cool features can turn you into a power user and help you get exactly what you want from your iPhone. Take a look!

1. Erase numbers in the Calculator application:

When you’re writing in iOS’ number cruncher and commit an error, you presumably get baffled at the absence of a delete catch. Be that as it may, you don’t need to eradicate the entire series of numbers on the off chance that you commit an error and need to begin once again once more. You can erase singular digits as you write—the capacity is quite recently taken cover behind a signal.

Simply swipe to one side or ideal over the screen, where the numbers show up. This will erase your most as of late wrote digit. Each and every swipe will erase the last digit. So on the off chance that you commit an error, you can revise it without beginning once again.

2.Stop music with a timer countdown

This is a cool element for those of you who appreciate nodding off to music. Utilizing the shrouded ‘Quit Playing’ clock, you can pick to what extent you need the music to play for as you float off to rest. 

Just open the Clock application, slide along to the Timer alternatives. Here under the ‘When Time Ends’ label, look to the base to pick the ‘Quit Playing’ choice. Here, you can set the clock for to what extent you need the music to play. This will kill the tunes, be it through Apple Music or Spotify when the clock hits zero. 

Presently you can nod off tuning in to your main tunes or a podcast without stressing that the music will play throughout the night, additionally depleting your battery all the while. 

3. iMessage timestamps to See when a message was sent: 

iMessage timestamps to See when a message was sent 

Typically you’ll have the capacity to perceive what date and at what time the primary message was sent. In any case, to uncover every individual message from that point onward, you’ll have to rapidly look at the timestamps. 

Inside the Messages application, tap on the message string that you’d get a kick out of the chance to see a specific timestamp for. Presently swipe your finger from ideal to left to uncover the timestamps of every individual message. 

4. Making a custom vibration 

Making a custom vibration 

Ever wished you could tell who’s calling you just by how your telephone vibrates, without removing your telephone from your pocket? Presently you can. 

Naturally, your iPhone utilizes standard vibration beats for an instant message or calls. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you need to make your own particular vibration designs, take after the underneath strategy. 

In Contacts, select your individual of decision and afterward tap the Edit catch in the upper right corner. Here you’ll see a Vibration alternative. Choosing this will give you a lot of implicit vibration designs you can look over, including the’ Create New Vibration’ instrument. 

To include a custom example, tap ‘Make New Vibration.’ Start recording, and tap the focal point of the screen in the grouping you need the vibration to be and make your own cadence. Once you’re done, quit recording and spare your example. It will be put away in the Vibration area (Ringtone menu) among the rundown of custom examples. 

5. Recording a video while the screen is bolted: 

On the off chance that you don’t need other individuals to notice you recording video or taking pictures, do as takes after: 

As a matter of first importance, ensure your iPhone is bolted. 

Press the Shutter catch, slide the base right camera symbol most of the way up and don’t give up. 

Keeping your finger on the camera slider mode still most of the way up, slide the camera mode to video. 

Presently double tap the ‘Home catch’ 3 times. 

Keep your finger still most of the way on the slider until the iPhone kills its screen. Keep in mind, your iPhone is as of now recording a video. 

On the off chance that you need to end the recording, essentially open the iPhone not surprisingly. 

6. Clear RAM to make your telephone run speedier: 

Clear RAM to make your telephone run speedier 23 Awesome, Little-Known iPhone Features That Apple Doesn’t Talk About (11) 

To do this, you ought to take after these straightforward strides: 

Press and hold the Power catch until you see the “Slide to control off” message. 

From that point forward, discharge the Power catch, then press and hold down the Home catch until the screen goes clear. 

In a few seconds, your iPhone screen will glint a bit and will return back to the home screen. 

Presently, your iPhone or iPad’s RAM will be gotten out, leaving your gadget discernibly snappier. 

7. Switch the heading of Panorama mode: 

Switch the heading of Panorama mode-23 Awesome, Little-Known iPhone Features That Apple Doesn’t Talk About (15) 

You can alter the course of your Panorama photo in the Camera application by just tapping the bolt that shows up amidst the screen in the Panorama mode. 

8. Making a crisis call: 

Making a crisis call-23 Awesome, Little-Known iPhone Features That Apple Doesn’t Talk About (4) 

Rounding out the Medical ID on your iPhone can spare your life. The Medical ID segment gives you a chance to store all your critical medicinal data so that it’s accessible in a one-tap access in crises. At any rate, you ought to round out the data seeing your blood classification and also show the meds you are susceptible to. 

9. Utilizing Google Maps disconnected: 

Utilizing Google Maps disconnected 23 Awesome, Little-Known iPhone Features That Apple Doesn’t Talk About (17) 

Not associated with information? Try not to stress! You can in any case utilize the maps include by downloading them for disconnected utilize. Simply sort ‘alright maps’ into the guide look box, and the work is finished! 

10. Reestablishing as of late shut Safari tabs: 

Reestablishing as of late shut Safari tabs-23 Awesome, Little-Known iPhone Features That Apple Doesn’t Talk About (11) 

Need to rehash any article that you unintentionally shut however you overlooked what site you were understanding it on in any case? Essentially tap and hang on the + image at the base of the screen. It gives you the rundown of all your as of late shut tabs. 

11. Enhance Wi-Fi speed: 

Utilizing the Wi-Fi Assist work you can without much of a stretch set up your telephone to consequently change over to the phone association when the Wi-Fi arrange flag is poor. 

12. Reduce your iPhone’s brightness below minimum:

On the off chance that even the base estimation of the screen splendor makes your eyes feel awkward oblivious, utilize these settings: 

Open Settings > General > Accessibility > Zoom. 

Look down, and turn on the Show Controller setting. 

Leave the Settings application and backpedal to the past menu. 

Look down to Accessibility Shortcut. Turn on the Zoom work (check the crate). 

Three-finger triple tap anyplace on any screen to open the Zoom overlay. 

Set this slider to the base esteem, and tap on Choose Filter. 

Select Low Light so as to empower low light mode. 

Set the channel back to None to incapacitate low light mode. 

13. Utilize the Compass application as a Spirit level: 

Utilize the Compass application as a Spirit level-23 Awesome, Little-Known iPhone Features That Apple Doesn’t Talk About (1)- 23 Awesome, Little-Known iPhone Features That Apple Doesn’t Talk About (12) 

Notwithstanding the number cruncher, electric lamp, and compass, your iPhone likewise has a concealed soul level incorporated with it. In the event that you swipe from ideal to left inside the Compass application, you’ll be given an exceptionally helpful soul level – an advanced air pocket gage than can check if that rack truly is level. 

The iPhone utilizes its Gyroscope to decide the level of the surface the iPhone is put on. You’ll have the chance to adjust it on a level surface before surveying the circumstance. 

14. Hard-Reset your iPhone when it crashes: 

Hard-Reset your iPhone when it crashes-23 Awesome, Little-Known iPhone Features That Apple Doesn’t Talk About (3) 

Everybody has likely encountered the circumstance when your telephone hangs, gets solidified, and declines to work. Give your iPhone a little rest. 

To do this, hold down the power catch and the volume down catch in the meantime until the screen kills (it can take up to 10 seconds). Once you’re done, your iPhone will reboot and spring over into life. 

Note: Rebooting your iPhone with this constrain reboot technique is an outrageous measure. You shouldn’t utilize it over and over again. 

15. Clear cache to make your iPhone run quicker: 

Make your iPhone run quicker by getting out the store in a few of Apple’s applications utilizing this mystery trap. In the App Store, Podcasts, Music, Game Center and Phone applications, tap on any single tab symbol at the base of the screen 10 times consecutively. 

16. Spare a draft with one swipe: 

In the Mail application, tap on the title and swipe down to the base of the screen to spare a draft. 

17. Take photographs while shooting recordings: 

You are utilizing your iPhone to film a mystical minute, and you wish you could snap a photograph in the meantime. Try not to quit recording! Simply tap the camera catch, which shows up on-screen notwithstanding the shade catch as you film. 

18. Spare battery with Low Power Mode: 

On the off chance that you know will utilize an iPhone for quite a while, then change to ‘Low Power Mode’ by tapping Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode. 

Low Power Mode lessens utilization by killing various iPhone highlights and the screen goes dim after a shorter time of latency. All in all, however, the iPhone fills in as typical and the battery will keep going for any longer. 

19. Spare PDF to iBooks 

You can transform site pages into PDFs and add them specifically to your iBooks application. This element comes helpful in case you’re perusing a long web archive however you are in a rush and needed to spare it to peruse later, or particularly on the off chance that you’ve found a HTML book on the web and need to keep a duplicate of it. 

When you tap Share, look over the applications to discover Save PDF to iBooks. Tap it and the site page will be changed over and added to your book accumulation. 

20. Shake to fix: 

This may appear to be amusing however now and again yet it can be somewhat of a lifeline. In the event that you’ve recently written a long sentence and incidentally erased it, or made some other blunder, you can give your iPhone a shake to raise the fix/re-try discourse box. Yet, this exclusive shows up when the iPhone is in scene mode. 

21. Close different applications on the double: 

Twofold tap the home catch to open the application switcher and you can utilize two, even three fingers to slide different applications shut with one swipe. 

22. Shrouded Field Test application: 

All iPhones have mystery benefit codes, which you can use to get different data about the device, portable administrator, and cell organize. For instance, in the event that you enter *3001#12345#* code, you will see a shrouded menu with data on SIM card, organize administrator, flag quality, and so on. 

23. Utilize your earphones to take a selfie: 

On the off chance that the nature of your selfies is a worry, attempt this helpful trap. Utilize the volume catch on an appended combine of earphones. 

At the point when the camera application is open on your iPhone, you can utilize the volume catch on a connected combine of earphones to take a photograph. This tends to deliver less camera shake, and furthermore enables you to take a more common looking photograph from more distant away or take a photograph sans hands.


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