With the increased rate of cybercrime, the threats to mobile users to break their personal privacy has enhanced. What’s app and other mobile app developers possess adequate knowledge about the menaces that mobile users face and so have associated mechanism to avoid snoopers. Finding security measures for using Whats app messages is significant. Let’s go through a few tips which assist in using Whats up in a secure way. 

Whats app lock feature

Not all users would be aware of the Whats app lock facility. What’s app lock is the best and instantaneous way to keep away people trying to sneak your account. This facility works perfect for users of Android mobile, where they would be using a password for authorizing the account. The messages can be seen only by the users who hold the password. In the same manner Blackberry users are provided with Whats app Pin which is utilized for accessing the messages. This feature is effective and can be made more tedious by using strong password or pin which is tough for others to find out. The best suggestion to maintain your account secured is by changing the password and Pin often so that stags are unable to enter your account. 

Retrieving missing data

The messages, files and documents in Whats app messenger can be erased to make space for the new entry to step in. There are cases where people delete messages and data by mistake and would wish to retrieve them. The retrieve messages tool is a feature which is used in Whats app messaging service to retrieve erased files. Multimedia files, messages and photos can be received by using this puppet. Both android as well as iOS platforms can make usage of this tool wherein deleted emails can also be recovered. Searches can be initiated by typing 

“msgstore.db.crypt” for acquiring lost files.

The file name, month, year and date are also required for researching. Once this has fixed to the tool and accept the terms and conditions and pick the file to be scanned, which can be received. The limitation with retrieving messages tool is that messages or files deleted within seven days can be retrieved and files deleted past that cannot be held. Developers would address this aspect and make it possible to recover unlimited data soon. 

Whats app usage without mobile number

Another safe choice to avoid snoopers into the account is to use Whats the app without using mobile number. To make you anonymous similar to ones in Gmail with the invisible option Whats app suggests its users to conceal their numbers then their number cannot be considered when chatting with unknown person. This can be performed with a few following steps. Initially back up our information with SD card. Usually mobile number is used for verification, instead use your email address for verification. This can be accomplished easily where your device has to be put on flight mode. By this way your network is disabled in the Whats app server, with all these steps don’t forget to block the messaging service. When all these steps are done a spoofed number will be offered which can be used to chat with unknown people and they cannot be able to view your number as well. 

These are a few security measures which can be practiced when messaging and sharing data with Whats up. by using the above features, guarantee for security while using Whats app instant messaging service can be obtained. Research Whats app and try to adapt these security features for safe data sharing. 


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