People nowadays use many gadgets, but the problem with these gadgets they are heavy and carrying it is not a very easy thing. But the thing with the iPad Air 2 is different. Why iPad Air 2 is different from the other gadgets that are in the market? Well the reason behind this is that this model has two paradoxical features. And these two paradoxical features of the iPad Air 2 are; this particular iPad is immensely powerful and not only that it also at the same time is so thin and so light that you can carry it and at the same time you can forget that you are carrying something. Thus you can carry on your work in this iPad Air 2 and nothing can come in your way. This iPad has many other interesting and exciting features too; now the question is what are the other important and exciting features of the iPad Air 2? Well, let’s have a look at those features in details.

The Different Features Of The iPad Air 2.

The iPad Air 2 was introduced four years ago and from then, and even today, it has set a standard for being the thinnest and the lightest gadgets, among all the gadgets that are present around you. But then this is not only its best features, there are other features too. What are those features? Well, 

Here are those features for you:

First of all it has an aluminium unibody and this make the phone strong and sturdy. Thus the phone is a thin and a light phone but that does not mean that the phone compromise with the strength and the rigidity. The aluminium unibody of the phone make it rigid and strong.

Before the iPad Air 2 has come in the market there were the other iPad in the market; and these previous generations of iPad has used three separate components in the display. But the iPad Air 2 has bring in a change and that is the iPad Air 2 combines the three layers into one. iPad Air 2 removes and eliminates all the gaps that are there between the layers. And thus the internal reflectance caused by those gaps is also removed. As a result you get a rich colour, great contrast and the images that are there are even more vivid and sharp.

The screen of this iPad Air 2 is more sensitive than the previous generations and now it tracks the fingers of a person even more accurately, not only that it also tracks the quick gestures of a person. The LCD layer that is there is also very closer to a person’s eye and as well as to his/her finger. Thus when you touch the screen of the screen iPad Air 2 you actually feel like you are touching the contents that are there in the iPad Air 2.

The iOS Operating System Has made the iPad Air 2 Even More Capable

The iPad Air 2 is more capable than its previous models and it is so because it runs on an iOS 8 operating system. This operating system has an easy to use interface and not only has that it also had security at its core. It is because of this operating system the iPad Air 2 has a display which is ultrafast wireless and at the same time it also has a brilliant retina display. Thus this operating system makes the iPad Air 2 work beautifully and it also has some exciting features too. And now the simple tasks also become engaging with the iPad Air 2.


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