Everyone has got memories attached to an occasion or a festival or any other particular or normal event or act and they all want to capture these valuable memories and keep them alive for ever. For that very reason science has lead to the development of various photographic equipment like, the camera. But when it’s about few photographs then one can make a photo album out of it. But the memories are not limited and so as the attached photographs to it and it thus lead to piling up of albums in the corner getting kilos of dust on it. But with the advancement in internet and technologies a very latest term known as photo hosting has emerged.

Photo hosting service is basically one that allows various users to share and upload images on any website on the internet. It allows one not only share and upload images and photos but also saves it in a server via which the host would be able to download images of their choice from their collection at any time. There are various free photo hosting services available on the internet that allows the host for the same.
When one hears the word free then a thought is being already made that it would not provide any features mentioned and one would end up getting fooled. But there are many free photo hosting websites available on the internet that allow one to enjoy all the features that the best website should have. In fact most of the photos sharing sites are free but charge for some additional features like extra storage space, bandwidth and various others.

One may also get confused between Photo sharing websites and Photo blogs as what the actual difference is between both? Photo blogs display a sequential view of medium sized photos that are being selected by the users. On the other hand photo sharing websites provide users with multiple views and also the option to classify photos with the help of albums. It also provide an option of adding annotations, comments etc. These features are even provided by photo sharing websites at small levels.

The best and paramount free photo hosting websites should include various features like:

Should have a great storage space
Should be able to upload digital photos on the site
Uploading should be fast
Should be able to organize the uploaded images with enabling other people to see them
Should have download option in it
Photo resizing, cropping, clipping etc
Allowing one to form groups and communities so that one can easily share their work with others.
They should provide high quality features
Multiple uploading at one time.
All these features and various others make one the best free photo hosting website.

Working of the image hosting websites

Image hosting websites have an interface for uploading via which one can upload images. When one clicks on the upload option then a box appears named as Browse. With the help of this Browse option one is able to find the images that one wants to upload on the internet from his hard drive easily. It allows one to upload multiple images by selecting them in one time only. If one is uploading only one image then it would take only few seconds but if the number of images are more, then it would take several minutes for uploading. After that the images are uploaded and ready to be shared and seen with others.

Thus these photo hosting websites have gained popularity among the users and is still gaining. They have outraged the old methods of saving photographs and made it convenient for all.


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