It is usual that we make a number of hunting online and get to know a number of information. We also make searches and wish to maintain private which include financial research for investment and other savings, medical advice, and lots more. Virtually all users would not like to have their search history, saved online which can be disclosed to other masses. It is likewise a fact that personalized ads would be utilized by another user who utilizes the system. In order to maintain privacy on personal messages, it is mandatory to delete history. Here are a few tips which can be used to erase history from social media sites and search engines. 

Deleting searches with Google

One needs to get to the web history page which opens up every single search made on the web site. All searches or selected searches can be deleted. Once you get to the page you can see a ‘remove item’ tab which has a check box next to it. To delete all searches click on the check box and click remove items. If you wish to delete only selected items then select the items to be removed and click on remove items tab. recording of web history can be avoided by clicking on settings on the right top corner and turning it off. In the same manner personalized ads can also be turned off if you dislike advertisements regarding your searches. 


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