There are various aspects which have to be taken into account before grabbing either phone or tablet, amongst which the most important is; will the person using either of device  take fancy of large screen size or not?

The major point of demarcation between phone and tablet is the screen size. While most phone have an average size of 3-5 inches, the screen size of tablet can lie anywhere between 6-7 inches. But in recent time, this thin line of size is fast becoming blurred given to the fact that most of mobile manufacturing companies have launched mobile phone having huge screen size; for instance Nokia Lumia 1320 which has huge screen size of 6 inches. Hence the great battle between tablets and phones has been relatively been eased by launch of huge screen size smart phones.

Another aspect which can affect the choice is that ‘who is going’ to utilize the device. Owing to huge screen size, movie viewing experience is much more fascinating in a tablet as compared to that in a phone. Once can enjoy High definition videos in a tablet to greater extent. While on the other hand, due to small screen size, movie and video watching experience in phone is rather less enthusiastic. Hence movie buffs do take fancy for tablets.

Gaming experience is also highly escalated in a tablet as compared to phone. With high resolution the graphics in a tablet are much more admirable. Game lovers are bound to get excited with enlarged view and graphics. In case of a phone due to limited screen size one does not enjoy games to much extent.

If in case a person is a book freak, then nothing can beat tablets in this regard. With high end screen and better resolution the reading experience is highly simplified. Moreover there won’t be a hassle of putting strain on the eyes since the words are highly legible in a tab.

But when it comes to ease of handling the device, then tablets are definitely not the best bet. With such huge size, popping them into the pocket is next to impossible. While phones can be easily fitted into the pocket, the opposite goes for tablets. Tablets have to be carried along in hand or either in handbags. Portability is not a virtue of tablets while phones do enjoy this advantage of being handy. 

Tablets do have attached restrictions in their functionalities. Few tablets come with the calling functionalities, which is a huge drawback, since already limited choices are available in case of tablets. Most tablets offer internet connectivity over Wi-Fi only, Data cards are not suitable for the tablets. Same does not go for phones, where data cards can be used to ensure good connectivity to internet. This turnouts to be a huge advantage for phone.

One aspect which does gives tablets a brownie point is the even though there might be a lacking in multimedia qualities of tablets, but still they are very much useful for business and presentation related works. Drafting a presentation on tabs and then presenting them in front of other party does leave an impression on other party or clients. Since the tablets have touch screen to facilitate typing, the business related tasks can be done on tablets. In case of phone where one can surely enjoy good touch features, drafting a presentation for showcasing is not a very favorable option.

Hence it is basically a personal choice to either go for a tablet or for a phone and to a very extent depends on the type of functionality which is expected out of the device.

Tablet Versus Phones:  



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