Android Application and chat servers provide you most popular way to connect with your friends. These web servers use HTTP protocol to come in function. HTTP works to run application online on to set up communicate with web clients. These protocols are stateless.  Advantage of these protocols is also very wide as it is very lightweight and hugely developed.

In this entire article you will learn procedure to connect an Android application to a web server using HTTP and load data directly from it.

What is the purpose of making this connection?

Initially, as an android holder, you should use an application for contacting your target area. There are two process like Get and Post process. The particular query string which you want to pass to the server is appended to the uniform recourse locator (URL). You need to open a connection through Http Client and Http Response classes. Once the connection will be established, the class Http response will return an object called Input Stream. By this Input Stream object, user can read all incoming data from the server. 

How to initiate this process?

Now, for download an XML string, you need to use Input Stream Reader class, from the web service. It will be done through Input Stream object. Basically here we are downloading the result in XML string. In this case, you are unable to call directly the Download Text method. This operation basically works for the network operations. Through the version of Android 3.0 from UI thread, developers cannot directly call the Download Text method. For calling Download Text method, you have to wrap the call by using any of subclass of sync Task class. As, here you need to connect for server by taking INTERNET permission in the file called AndroidManifest.xml.

Secondly, you can go for the POST method rather than HTTP GET. By HTTP GET, all related data will pass to the server through URL which has to be in the less than 2,000 characters array. Through HTTP POST method user can send data separately to the server within the limit of array. There are three classes should be use to connecting by HTTP post, which is Http Client, Http Post, and Http Response classes.

By using Http Post classes and calling Open Http POST Connection method you can add the header to send the server. For that you need to set the HOST and Content –Type headers. In order to use this method, you also have to send the currency information by set Entity methods of the Http Post object.  

The Name Value Pair objects having the data by From Currency and To Currency. For the download you need to call as same as previous by using Open Http POST Connection method. Separately, you need to call the Download Text method. So, you have to wrap it using any other subclass of the Sync Task class. At the last you need to call the web services by Download Text Task class. Applying these few steps, you can easily connect an Android Application to a Web Server via HTTP.


Android application is made for the comfort of users so that users can access them in easy manner. Through this connection it will become easy for an application to provide all over service to customer for a longer duration. This server connection will increase efficiency of chat services and applications related to it as now days are more dependent on internet for communication rather than any other source. So this step will surely increase number of users to applications.


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