These top ranking HDMI sticks are very useful for streaming Television. Both Chromecast and Roku do however differ in some of their features.  Both these sticks do contain features which are capable of turning a regular HD television into something closer to smart television. They are capable of bringing high quality applications with audio and also video Internet content into one’s living room.
Let us have a look at it:-


Roku is available at $49 whereas on the other hand Google Chromecast comes at $35.  However both these sticks do come with their own advantage and disadvantages. Though Chromecast may be a little less costly, it does not provide users with a physical remote. Roku, though expensive does provide with a better application support and also a remote. Both Chromecast and Roku is does plug in to an HDMI port found which is situated at the back of the television set; hence, your guest would not even understand where it is. 

Height and width:-

Chromecast may be shorter in size and stout at 72 mm x 35 mm x 12 mm; whereas the television stick Roku is a little taller at 78.6 mm x 26.8 mm x 11.3 mm. The television stick of Chromecast is also heavier and is also double the weight of Roku. Though, Chromecast is weighs 16g more when compared to Roku. The former device has 2 GB of storage and 512 MB RAM. Both the dongles do need an extern. This is accessed from the micro USB cables which can be plugged into the device end. There is however some televisions that can supply power directly to a device, so these devices in this case could be actually plugged directly instead of the main plug. The form and the setup of the two devices are almost similar.  


Both These television devices need a television which includes an HDMI port to plug things into it directly. Both the devices also need an access to a Wi-Fi connection. On one hand, when the Chromecast can connect through 2.4 GHz freq thus offering only single band support for Wi-Fi, on the other hand Roku is able to connect with dual band which can work with 2.5 GHz or even with 5 GHz WI-Fi. Chromecast actually does not have any peripherals, whereas for the Roku Stick, it comes with a remote control that which allows you to playa nod pause whenever you win. It is also suited with a back and home features, a rewind feature and also a fast forward facility.

Compatibility – Chromecast Scores:-

When the question comes to device compatibility, Chromecast clearly emerges as the winner. This device is capable of working on the android, iOs operating systems and also on Windows; it also can work very well with Mac OS PC systems. For Roku, it works with Android, Apple, but there may be a need for you to download third party applications.

No Applications in Chromecast:-

For Chromecast, There are no built in apps and also, it depends entirely on the nature of your Smartphone, tablet or even your desktop or laptop for casting the required content on the television.  Roku, on the other hand provides everyone with an application only platform. Here, you cannot stream content from your mobile, PC or even from your tablet to the device. You can access games like Angry Birds and many other Television shows and videos on YouTube, Net flix and Sky News.

Thus, the verdict remains that it depends upon one’s individual use. If price and easy accessibility is what you look at then do opt for Roku, however Chrome Cast can be a long runner.


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